Intentional Binging

Is it more fulfilling to:
(a) watch Netflix from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, or
(b) spend the morning being productive, then watch Netflix for three hours that afternoon.

In both instances, you appease your monkey mind with mindless entertainment. This is something we all need - we all need to turn our mind off sometimes, and sitting in front of a TV is a great way to do that.

The problem arises when good-natured tranquility seeking turns into an all day, self-loathing-inducing couch potato session.

This can be avoided. Simply make a contract with yourself: resolve to binge for only half an hour. Or for ten. Just be intentional with how long you let yourself be a slave to the YouTube rabbit hole.

A day filled solely with lazing around can be transformed from regretful to restful by limiting the time you binge, and by doing a few things you know you should do in addition to your relaxation: go for a run, eat a healthy meal, cross something off the todo list, etc.

The goal here is to avoid unbridled hedonism, and with it dissatisfaction.

- Will