Sit in the Chair

In his book Everything That Remains, Joshua Fields Millburn recounts some of the best writing advice he ever received. It was from Donald Ray Pollock, one of his favorite fiction authors:

Sit in a chair for two hours a day, everyday.

That's it. Show up to practice without distraction. That's how you hone your craft.

Absent from his advice are any expectations of the work you'll do. Simply giving yourself the space to put words on paper - to give an honest effort - is all that's required.

This of course doesn't apply only to writing.

Too often we expect inspiration to strike, carrying our ideas from dull to polished unrealistically quickly and with minimum effort. What really produces quality work isn't handed down by the whims of creative insight. Its our dedication to be consistent in practicing what we've chosen to passionately pursue that makes all the difference.

So sit in that chair.

- Will